Natural Essence Beauty

A little bit about Natural Essence Beauty
Founded in 2004, the Natural Essence Beauty brand started its industry journey as a mobile hair care company. Knowing what was needed within the realm of natural hair care, the brand became the 'golden ticket' of sorts with consumers. The amount of education, training, skills and patience that the N E Beauty brand brings to the industry, people have long desired, but have noticed is constantly in short supply. Building a company that promotes natural beauty, self-love and self-acceptance was a necessary factor for N E Beauty. Doing so in an organic and holistic manner has and will always be the focus.

Currently owned and operated by a solo professional in Northern CA, the cater-to-you experience is the standard by which the salon is run. Even while functioning at a high volume, services always come with a personal touch. 
Owner / Lead Hair Care Specialist
Born in Mountain View, she is a California native who genuinely loves her brand being home grown in the Bay Area. From northern Cali's beautiful aesthetic, great weather, and ethnic diversity - To the urban cultural dynamic, social consciousness, and humanitarian roots. Establishing a small business that helps to positively impact the areas around her hometown is a dream come true.
Committed to helping each client achieve their individual hair goals.